Many women have been victims of domestic abuse, most do not tell the police and when they do many end up feeling safe

There are roughly 2 domestic homicides per week in the UK, a number that hasn’t fallen

This is the most extreme end of the enormous amount of domestic abuse that takes place. Over a quarter of women say they have been victims of domestic abuse at some point in their lives and 1 in 14 say they’ve been victims in the past year

In most cases, women do tell people about being victims of domestic abuse, although it’s not usually the police

This is partly because women do not think the police can help and some fear that involving the police will make things worse

When the police are called, almost as many women say they are dissatisfied with the outcome as say they are satisfied

1 in 4 women that have been victims of domestic abuse say they feel less safe after involving the police

All stats from here

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