Requires improvement

It’s back to school for lots of kids today. To illustrate the size of the challenges to improve housing in England, imagine a classroom of 30 children represents the population of England. In that classroom

  • 7 children are in poverty
  • 5 are in non-decent homes
  • 2 are in ‘rent induced’ poverty (ie they are not in poverty before the cost of housing but are after the cost of housing)
  • 1 is in an overcrowded household
  • A third of a child is homeless (including sofa surfing and living in temporary accommodation)


There were an estimated c23 million households in the England in 2020 with an average of 2.4 people per household giving a total population of c56m

22% of people are in relative poverty after housing costs. 17% are in relative poverty before housing costs.

3% of households are overcrowded

17% of homes are “non decent” ie  fail to meet the statutory minimum standard for e.g. do not provide a reasonable degree of thermal comfort or are not in a reasonable state of repair or do not have reasonably modern facilities

219,000 are homeless (including sofa surfing, temporary accommodation, hostels & on the street)

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