Give me Shelter

Quite the day in the world of housing policy. Here is what we know:

  • Jeremy Corbyn promised that a Labour government would introduce some form of rent controls
  • Shelter produce a blog aruging that “setting the entire rent can cause big problems”
  • Paul Mason wrote a twitter thread calling Shelter’s integrity into question
  • Shelter announced that they have hired Greg Beales (Former Labour Party Strategist) as their new Director of Policy & Comms

Why does any of this matter?

  • Shelter produced a thought provoking piece last year, arguing that advocates for social housing had got themselves into a situation where they were calling for policies that do not command significant public support and which politicians can easily ignore
  • Rent caps (whatever their policy merits, on which there is much debate) are popular

It will be interesting to see which line Shelter’s new CEO takes in her Today Show interview. Will Shelter try and follow the logic of their piece last year and try and attach their cause to a more populist policy or stick more closely to a policy based response that focuses on the mixed evidence base around rent controls?


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